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MC Andrew Love’s love for music has brought him to perform on many stages throughout his school years. His inspirations in music are many but the ones who stood out were New Edition, Michael Jackson and quite recently The Weeknd. In 2018, MC Andrew Love founded Urban JunXon Entertainment. Urban JunXon Entertainment was formed to give those artists who have a passion for the arts a platform. UJE has since its inception has formed working relationships with artists such as S Dot, Mac The M.C., Lock7, Slick Fashionz, QDC, T. Savvy, Infinite Jay, T.Y Vegas, T.Y. The Gift, Swayve and most recently recruited a producer/engineer Process. MC Andrew Love has a passion for finding artists who are creative and forward thinking. In 2020, MC Andrew Love released his first album, The Love Train. MC Andrew Love is currently working on a new project along with being the VP of Petruzzi Entertainment the US division. He’s also the contact person for RIIN in the US.
There’s no one greater than anyone.